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Breaking the rules of suits and style

Suits are still made and marketed for men - we say f**k that!

When a suit is mentioned, heard or thought of, what springs to mind? We’re guessing images of power, masculinity, professionalism and even patriarchy? Just the general consensus. 

Research states that “despite over three centuries of variations and reincarnations, the suit remains of central importance to masculinity  

As its history states so clearly, the suit is not automatically seen to be glamorous or erotic, rather it is representative and purposely designed for masculine sexuality (gasp). The reason for this centers on its form - the silhouette of a suit is traditionally seen to heighten a man’s sexuality by widening shoulders and narrowing the hips.  

This outdated perspective of the widely loved garment changed when the power suit came into play. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel introduced the first female suit that would become what we as women claimed the ‘power suit’, but, shock horror, men still claim the term as their own. 

Coco Chanel Suit

The foundation of the power suit is a tweed material with a fitted skirt, a tailored jacket and bold ‘n’ chunky fixtures. The suit was designed by Chanel in a way that fitted and hugged the female body, completely disrupting traditional looks by breaking boundaries in women’s fashion and embracing a women’s physique.

Women no longer conformed to wearing full coverage clothing, heavy fabric and corsets. A woman could wear the suit without constraint so that she could stride and strut in a confident and free manner - FINALLY!

Today’s advocates and icons of suits include names like Anna Wintour, Michelle Obama, Duchess Kate Middleton, Little Simz, Emma Watson, Rhianna, Kate Moss and Jodie Comer. 

Anna Wintour Suit

Why may these influential figures choose to wear a suit? 

Suits still represent power and professionalism and we're finding more women taking it in their stride to carry these attributes and breaking the patriarchy and masculinity by taking back the power

If you were to type into Google the word ‘suits’ right now, the first handful of results to pop up will be for men; a mens local tailoring shop, T. M. Lewin and endless images of male models in suits. But there’s still no representation of women in power suits.

Does this rub you up the wrong way, even if it’s just a little bit!?!? Then you are in the right place. At Suits Ya we also believe that a suit is the perfect symbol for power but it’s only seen on occasion, but men wear them daily and hold the crown of suits. 

That’s the thing with suits, you can literally take them anywhere. Put on an oversized pinstripe number, or a preppy dogtooth print mini skirt number and feel the feminine energy take over! Walk your dog round the park with a coffee in hand, get some content, run those errands round town, go for a drink with ya pal. Girl, do whatever, n do it in a stylin’ suit.  

Let’s abolish the outdated rules of male formal wear and get creative with personal style. It’ll soon be second nature to see your suit and style it up or down or separate it for any occasion, just you wait… 

Try one on and never look back!

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