About Suits Ya

Hey babes!
Welcome to Suits Ya, I'm Lily London - founder, director, social media manager, editor n everything else behind what you see!
Back in 2013, I started Lily London Vintage. I was a student at the time in Leeds and had a shop in my house where I ran the business and threw some pretty decent parties.
Back then I sold vintage across menswear, womenswear and accessories but sold it all and moved to Barcelona for a year in 2016.
I knew I always wanted to reopen a shop but needed to do something more niche to make it manageable by myself.
I've always loved suits and two-pieces and styling formalwear into casual wear, my favourite outfit of all time is a suit and white Nike Air Max 90s.
The rebrand and new idea stemmed out of lockdown no.1 when I had a minute to stop, think and shop.
I'm building a one-stop-shop; where you can come to buy a suit and find the right top and accessories to go with it.
I have big plans for the future, follow me on Instagram and keep watching! 
The other half of my life is in music; I'm a DJ, radio host and curator. If you like good music follow mine and my sisters journey
Or if you wanna know a bit more about me and appreciate funny videos and memes, follow my personal account